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‘Red Flags’ 60x60cm, mixed media on canvas.  A painting that was on and off the easel for about 6 months whilst several refinements were made.  Sometimes, (but not always!), I have a very clear idea of the feeling that I want from a painting.  After about a week this painting was 90% ‘there’ but extracting the last 10% took 90% of my time and energy.  I live less than half a mile from this scene and so I see it in all weather conditions.  What I painted was a day with a light onshore breeze, luminous sea and a light swell that was just breaking on the rocks at low tide.  These rocks signal a reef that is mostly below sea level where local crabbers drop their pots.  These pots are marked by flags (which aren’t always red but I felt that the painting demanded this particular colour).