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Click on the image for the full story and pictures.  I painted this 80x80cm canvas in 2015.  I exhibited it in a solo show and then decided to rework it a year or two later so that the black behind the trees was echoed in the birds and added some punch to the lower part of the picture.I exhibited it again and then when it came back to my studio it stood against a wall, wrapped up and waiting for its next outing.    Although I liked it I wasn’t confident about showing it again.  I was happy with the lower half but thought that the upper half was a bit crude or heavy handed.  It lacked subtlety.Its hard to believe this is the same picture.  Once I got stuck into the middle ground and decided to have a skyline the painting took on a completely new identity.  Its a picture about a Cornish jungle now with only a hint of the original beehives.  Movement is now provided by the ferns instead of the trees and hives.  I’ll leave it for a bit and see if I like this new more intensely coloured and decorative alternative to the original.