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I’m not sure how wise it is to publicly air work in progress but I think this one is more or less done.  (Its not unusual, however, for me to come back to an ‘almost complete’ painting and to totally redevelop it!)  Anyway, this image started as a drawing made in the landscape and which I published on this blog on 20th May.   I wanted to retain the elements of movement, composition and characteristic Penwithian shapes and marks that are in that drawing.  In the process of transferring the initial image on paper, to this one on 40x40cm canvas, the addition of tone and colour brings a whole new set of relationships to consider.  I’m pleased that I haven’t lost all the immediacy of the drawing, a risk that is always there during this process.

I’ve just decide that, although I want to keep that cloud, it needs transforming!  Will keep you posted.