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This page is dedicated to our Monty. He’s an 11 year old collie cross, and one of the fittest dogs you will ever see – that is until recently, when he has become painfully lame on a hind leg. His vet can’t find the reason and he needs a scan to find out what is wrong.
As my studio is becoming crowded with paintings after a prolonged productive period, (and I need the space!), I’m having a studio clearance sale to pay for Monty’s specialist investigation and treatment.



Below are some of my paintings and drawings that I have selected to sell in order to help pay for Monty’s treatment.

All prices are heavily discounted.

Please order or arrange a visit by email:

If you would like to see the work ‘in the flesh’, you would be very welcome to visit my studio where I will be happy to meet you.

Please scroll down for larger work

prices from £90 – £150

prices from £160 – £350

prices from £350 – £550

prices from  £550