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This page is dedicated to our Monty. He’s an 11 year old collie cross, and one of the fittest dogs you will ever see – that is until recently, when he has become painfully lame on a hind leg. His vet can’t find the reason and he needs a scan to find out what is wrong.
As my studio is becoming crowded with paintings after a prolonged productive period, (and I need the space!), I’m having a studio clearance sale to pay for Monty’s specialist investigation and treatment.

Here’s an update on our Monty’s progress:

He’s been seeing a physio who works with dogs and horses, and an acupuncturist who is also a vet, so both very well qualified and experienced with animal healing. He’s seen the physio twice and she instructed me on how to massage, stretch and exercise him which I do every evening. I don’t know which of us enjoys this most but it has certainly increased the bond between us. Next, I have to teach Monty how to massage my back!

Today he had his 5th acupuncture session. If anyone doubts that this works they should see how Monty responds. For one thing our nervous jumpy dog actually relaxes even as the needles are going in, then he goes all calm and sleepy – unbelievable to anyone who’s ever met Monty! After the first session he was back to his old self for a while. The follow up sessions were not quite so dramatic but improvement has been gradual and he can now put his full weight through his ‘lame’ leg and on to his paw. The sore section of his back has reduced from affecting most of his back to two small areas a few inches long.

A few days ago we took him to Perranuthnoe where he ran up and down, up and down one of the steep hills there and whined with the joy of it, providing entertainment for our fellow walkers! It’s been months since he was able to do anything like that.

Another consequence of his treatment is that we’re able to reduce his meds, which is good for my bank balance and great for Monty.

All this has been possible because art lovers and dog lovers (or both!), bought some of my paintings in the run-up to the new year. A huge thank you to everyone who bought one. I hope they give pleasure for years to come.

If anyone is interested in physiotherapy or acupuncture for their pets the physio is Nicola Roxborough, email, and the vet/acupuncturist can be contacted by email or by phoning 01736 763562. Both highly recommended, brilliant, gentle and patient with even our crazy dog, and a pleasure to have in your home. We’d almost given up on reversing Monty’s lameness but these ladies have really turned him around.









left: Nicky, physio

right: Emma, acupuncturist


The studio clearance for Monty is now closed.