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clematis painting in mixed media on canvas


 tree and leaf painting in mixed media

……….and two more garden inspired paintings.  (This could become obsessive. )  Anyway:  one sombre one, and one a bit more frivolous.  I feel the loss of that midsummer brightness and heat now, but its still warm and the nights are still shorter than the days for a while yet, and life in Cornwall is very pleasant.  We have to share most of our favorite places with thousands of visitors for a few more weeks.  Its good to see so many people around – stops us getting too insular.


new leaf painting

…..another small painting, using acrylic, tracing paper, collage and ink on plywood, that owes its origin to the studio garden again.  I’m confident that its finished (for once).  Just need a title now.


a summer painting

A summer painting to come out of the studio yesterday.  Here’s hoping summer isn’t over.


path to the studio door

Nothing has more creative energy than the garden just now, but my studio door beckons, so I’ll have a go.